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Guide for New Construction – Residential Service


New Member Application

If you are not currently an active member of North Georgia Electric Membership Corporation with an electric service in your name, you will need to complete an application for membership. Begin your online application. Membership, connection fees and security arrangements must be finalized before service can be connected. Once you have established membership, please follow the steps below to complete your service installation.

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Additional Service for Existing Member

If you are a current member and you need an additional electric service, please call one of our offices for application requirements.

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Temporary Service

If your project requires a temporary service meter for construction, please note that delivery of temporary service can take up to two weeks after application and inspection are received.

  • Apply for temporary service by calling a North Georgia EMC Member Service Specialist at one of the above office numbers.
  • A service connect fee is required for temporary service at the time of application.
  • A North Georgia EMC Engineering Design Technician will assist you throughout the construction or expansion process. The engineering design technician will schedule a site visit with you to discuss the best location for your temporary service pole, the location of your permanent service, and to answer any questions you may have about your project.
  • As the customer, you are responsible for supplying and preparing the temporary pole, disconnect box and the meter base. The design technician will give you a diagram that explains the proper mounting instructions of your temporary pole and meter base.
  • Request inspection of your temporary meter base pole and mount from your city/county code official. North Georgia EMC is notified by the county/city when the inspection is complete and approved for connection. You may contact our engineering department regarding the status of the inspection and connection order.

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Permanent Service

When you are ready to apply for permanent service, please call one of our offices.  Remember that if you are not a current member on NGEMC lines, you will also need to complete the New Membership Application. Begin your online application.

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On-Site Meeting with a Design Technician

The design technician will visit with you at the site to determine the scope of the project and the placement of the electrical service.

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Customer Information Sheet (Your Project Checklist)

From this site visit, the technician will outline the steps that need to be taken before your project can be finalized and your permanent service activated. He or she will check off the job requirements that you will need to meet and those for which North Georgia EMC are responsible. The design technician will send you a copy of your project checklist (Customer Information Sheet) in the days following the site visit. Some items your checklist may include:

  • Easement (if required): Easements are required if the electrical lines need to cross the property of a third party. In these cases, the easement must be signed by the property owner, notarized and submitted to North Georgia EMC before we can schedule construction of the electric line.
  • Hold Harmless Agreement (if required): A Hold Harmless Agreement may be necessary if a ditch has to be dug for underground electric lines or if underground electric lines will be in close proximity of existing water or wastewater lines. This agreement must be signed by the property owner and returned before job order can be released and work can be scheduled.
  • Aid-In-Construction Cost and Description (if required): Depending on the scope of the work, you may be required to pay a non-refundable contribution for all or a portion of the cost of providing service. Aid-in-Construction charges are due before construction can begin.
  • Clearing the Path for the Line (Right-of-Way): The design technician will identify the path for the underground or overhead line. The customer is responsible for clearing the path for the underground or overhead line of all obstacles such as brush, materials, trees, paving, fencing, etc…
  • Meter Base Mounting Diagram to aid the customer in mounting and installing meter base and connected conduit according to required specifications. A permanent meter base may be picked up at any of our four office locations. The meter base mount will need to be inspected and approved by the jurisdictional building inspection authority before North Georgia EMC can connect the meter and activate service.

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Scheduling the Work and Connecting the Meter

Please notify NGEMC at any of our office locations as soon as all requirements listed on your Customer Information Sheet have been met and the final inspection by the code official has been completed. IMPORTANT: Please allow up to two weeks from the date you notify us for installation and completion of the service.

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