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Risks of Third Party Online Pay Sites

Third Party Pay Sites Are Out There on the Internet…Be Aware of Their Payment Posting Timeframe

If you are an NGEMC member that pays online, make sure that you are paying your electric bill through the official NGEMC website at to ensure your payment is posted immediately. There are some third party payment sites on the Internet that pay bills for utilities all over the nation...these Internet groups are not affiliated with NGEMC, and unfortunately, since we have no access to the information, we are unable to provide any support to customers who experience issues while using these random sites. These third party site’s payments DO NOT post immediately to your NGEMC account and can take days for us to receive. This can create confusion and possible interruption in service. Bookmark the NGEMC website on your computer so that you can rest assured your payment will be posted to our system immediately.   

Learn more and view a full list of NGEMC-approved kiosks. 

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